Could Ovechkin “retire” to KHL and follow Kovalchuk?

Alex Ovechkin - Ilya KovalchukThere are speculations about whether a KHL club might try to lure Alex Ovechkin away from the Washington Capitals this summer, or over the next few years.

It’s a similar idea to Ilya Kovalchuk bolting from the New Jersey Devils to the KHL last summer.

Ovechkin has not said anything that would suggest he’s even thinking about it. But KHL president Alexander Medvedev expressed his view on this possibility via a KHL spokesman:

“Per the terms of our memorandum of understanding with the NHL as it relates to respecting player contracts, Ovechkin would only be free to join a KHL club if he negotiates his way out of his existing contract with the Washington club. Should that situation come to pass, I have no doubt there are KHL clubs who would have interest in his services.”